What to Bring


Coming to camp prepared is important if you don’t want to wake up cold or have stinky breath. Check the list below for important items to bring to make your week at camp awesome!

Attitude: Hearts and minds that are open, willing, and cooperative, and hunger for God’s Word.

Worship Materials: Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, etc.

Clothing: Casual, recreation, and swimming attire— for details, visit our DRESS CODE page. Modesty is always the best policy!

Personal Items: Pillow, bedding (i.e. sleeping bag), towels, toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, soap, etc.)

Miscellaneous: Flashlight, insect repellant, sunscreen, water bottle, camera, etc.

Do NOT bring fireworks, drugs, alcohol, electronics or cell phone. (Parents: if an emergency arises, please use the camp phone number to contact your child—605-486-4486.)

Money: Offerings will be taken at evening and closing services, and snacks, t-shirts, water bottles, etc. will be available at Canteen.

Camp Coordinator – Liz McCarlson

605.881.1597 or elizabeth.mccarlson@gmail.com


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